10 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Portable Staging for Events

January 16, 2021

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Portable Staging

Entertainment ranges from the typical choir, band, and show choir performances for our most common performances. However, the need for portable staging equipment expands to dance competitions, talent shows, university events, and showcases. We’d love to show you how our equipment can help provide the backdrop to these events as you’re considering new equipment or a replacement for old equipment. 

The most common need will be portable staging as the pillar and event risers for added height. The staging has non-slip surfaces so you won’t have to worry about the part of your event. The risers easily assemble underneath the stage decks. An added bonus is storage and accessibility for your production cords to provide maximum coverage for production needs. 

Adjustable stairsguardrails, and ADA ramps provide extra support and added accessibility to your events. We need to be more conscious of others and their safety. It provides more opportunity for others to share their talents and the community to be apart of it. 

Areas to look into more when purchasing staging equipment for events:


The folding mechanism incorporates a counterbalance to reduce the amount of lift needed to raise the deck to the transport position. Riser has a lower center of gravity when in the transport position. Riser automatically locks in both the performance and transport positions.

Features and Benefits:

Fold & Roll Frame: Save time by all parts being mounted to the frame. No tools, assembly, or transport dollies are needed. Reduce labor costs by using just one person to set up for your event. Use less effort as little weight is actually lifted during setup or tear-down.

Cantilever Folding Mechanism: Reduce the risk of back strain by the counterbalance acting as an aid in lifting. Save time and energy as the deck smoothly travels the short distance from the storage to the setup position.

Low Center of Gravity: Safely roll the Riser to and from storage. Most operators can see over the Riser.

Nylon Bushings: Protect users from dangerous cracks between decks and from uneven surfaces by the deck alignment being maintained over time. Save money because metal-on-metal wear is eliminated, extending the time before replacement risers are needed. Reduce maintenance costs, as the folding mechanism does not need adjustments.

Steel tubing: Guests and users have a stable and wobble-free platform. Allowing more weight than on typical risers made with angle iron frames. Enhancing your facility’s quality image as well. The baked-on finish resists scratches and looks new for a longer period of time.

Rugged Casters: Safely maneuver the riser with two fixed and two swivel casters. They provide positive directional control. Save on maintenance as Poly-Luc urethane wheels do not leave marks.

Positive Lock: Safely roll and store the riser without the risk of unexpected folding. Safely perform on riser without risk of unexpected deck separation. Save time because riser automatically locks in both performance and transport positions.

Single-Sided Deck: Enjoy all the benefits of Fold & Roll technology at an affordable price.

If you’d like to inquire on how to purchase your own staging equipment for events, contact us. 

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