3 Areas to Consider When Purchasing Portable Stage Risers

January 16, 2021

Portable Stage Risers

Not sure what you’re suppose to be looking for? Is this your first time buying portable stage risers? We’ve got you covered this time around! 

I bet you didn’t realize there were so many different options and things to consider when buying music risers. Just like any product you come across, there are certain areas to consider before you make a purchase. Granted there aren’t as many areas to consider as let’s say a car, but it’s worth a detailed blog post about it

1. Type of Stage Riser

Standing or Seated?

The first step is to decide if you need multi-level risers intended for standing or sitting. This should be a pretty easy choice since your risers have a specific purpose. However, there are situations where you could need both. If you have both choral and instrumental groups, then the seated risers are the way to go. You can have students sitting in chairs as the obvious first choice, but the possibility to use them for standing choral groups if need be. (If you have the budget, spring for both.)  

Alla Breve Choral Riser 2
seated choral riser

Number of Levels?

Next step is deciding how many levels you need, for either route, standing or seated risers.

If they are intended for seated band groups, then you can decide between two levels all the way up to name-your-number levels. We can customize your quote to fit your needs based on how many people will be using the seated riser.

If they are intended for standing choral groups, then you need to decide if you would be better off with a 4 level or 3 level riser. Hopefully your intention is to grow your musical group, so think slightly bigger than what you have now, so you can use them for years down the road. There are multiple combinations you could buy as well. Like two 3 level risers, or one 4 level riser, or one 3 level and one 4 level riser if you have advanced and beginner level choral groups. Get the most for your money and pick the option that will allow you the most room.  

Fold and Roll Risers-1


2. Specifications

Folding or Stackable?

Space is very important when it comes to buying equipment. Sometimes it’s the biggest concern from customers. Folding music risers offer the least amount of storage space, making it convenient for you. There are stackable risers out there as well, but our customers have mentioned difficulties with them. Think about the man power at your disposable to help move these risers. The amount of behind the scenes workers you have will help you decide which route is best. Folding doesn’t require many people and are useful if you have vertical storage. Stackable does require multiple people and can be sturdier, and usually requires horizontal storage. 

Carpet or Laminate?

Our portable staging has many options for the stage deck surface you’d like to have on your new risers. Most organizations will want a fabric with friction so their performers will feel steady and confident on stage. If you want more of a finished, polished look there are laminate options as well.


3. Adding Extras/Add-Ons: Guardrails, Stairs, Ramp:

Don’t forget about the extras you may need. These come in handy when you consider safety for your performers. Most stages now need to be ADA Compliant, so if you’re in an organization that has specific standards about compliance, consider the ADA ramp to be added to your order. Stairs and Guardrails are useful if you’re putting on a show choir performance and need a safe, but easy exit. This can be seen through the hardclosures that come with our seated music risers. You will perform safely since they function as chairstops. They save time during setup as the steel bars lock into the deck edging without tools or loose parts. Guardrail prevents accidental tumbles with sturdy steel rails. They save time during setup as the rails attach securely to the deck without tools or loose parts.


FYI – Safety:

Look for portability in your music riser. Each component should be easy to handle by one person. The riser should be easy to set up in a practice room, on stage and at off-site performances. Stability is an element of safety that will be present in there are understructures, interlocking sections and honeycomb-core treads to solidify the riser. To facilitate safe handling, no part should weigh more than 33 pounds. Back and side rails protects against accidental tumbles as well. As for performance, certified uniform distributed live-load capacity of 100 pounds per square foot will be a good rule of thumb to abide by when checking the stability of your risers. 


FYI – Features and Benefits:

Understructure: Save time compared to unfolding or attaching legs. Save setup time by choosing pre-aligned and connected levels. Look for stable, wobble-free platforms to perform with confidence as compared to performing on old-style risers that come in separate sections and have folding or plug-in legs.

Light-weight, Reversible decks: Use less effort because you lift less weight, by looking for decks that are handled separately from the understructure. Save on your investment by choosing decks that are interchangeably on other support systems to facilitate diverse performance requirements. Enjoy a performance free of undesirable resonance and the ”drumhead” effect of foot noise, both of which are absorbed by a honeycomb core. Reduce maintenance costs because two sides give you twice the wear life. 

Decks Bridge Between Understructures: Reduce setup time by searching for decks that automatically align and lock together side-to-side and front-to-back on locator nodes. Save time during setup by choosing the no separate clips, clamps or tools option to save time locking units together. Minimize initial investment through fewer understructures being required. A plus is to utilize convenient, unobstructed storage space beneath the riser.

Now that you’ve narrowed down what you need, we’d love to help you find it. We have a full section in our product categories with possibilities for music risers. Once you find what you need, click the “Get A Quote” button and we’ll be happy to discuss your staging needs ASAP. 

While you’re waiting on that quote, check out our show choir risers guide! 

Download Show Choir Risers Guide

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