3 Christmas Music Performance Ideas

January 21, 2021

Christmas Music

It’s about time to pick your Christmas Music Performance theme and setup for your production. We’re at the start of the holiday season as we fly past Halloween and move into Thanksgiving. You’re either in two camps right now. The planner who decided their Christmas show weeks ago. The last minute person who could use some ideas to get the ideas flowing, but really won’t work on the logistics until the last possible hour. 

Street decorated in Christmas decorations and snow

We embrace both camps and just want to provide you with some ideas to challenge, motivate, and inspire you. We know it can be hard to be new, creative, and substantial in a world that’s always competing with each other. What you do matters and we want to help support you. 

1. Picture an Ideal Performance: Imagine that Christmas is finally here. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Everyone is excited and ready to see the performance with family members. Grandmas is in the front row with her camera, ready to film. The decorations are up and everyone is anticipating something great that will happen in a few minutes. What do you visualize? How do you want the audience to react? Is it more wonder and amazement or a warm, fuzzy feeling of closeness in this season? This will help you decide your theme for the Christmas show. 

2. Oldies but Goodies: Holding on to some aspect of the past keeps everyone grounded. From grandparents to siblings, everyone needs to understand some commonality. Finding a song or dance number that everyone knows or can relate to is a central point. We know that emotion is conveyed through your performers, but the older songs that have stood the test of time are always a good direction to provide a foundation of support. It may be a new take on an old classic. Look for the song you performed when you were 6 and try to see if you could bring it back. 

3. KISS – Keep It Simple Silly: It can be used for classwork and every day life, but it applies here as well. Less is more and simple is better. Hone in on that one idea you want to come across and don’t stray away from it. When audience members walk away, they’ll know exactly what the story was and how they were suppose to feel. Being the most creative, or having the tightest dance moves, or performing the best harmonies while trying to be diverse in your music selections is exhausting. While excellence is good – simple and to the point brings the message across much clearer. 

A little bonus items for you: A few resources for Christmas Music Performances, since we know that’s why you came here in the first place. We have listed options for plays and musicals: 

Aaron the Allergic Shepherd – JW Pepper

Almost, Maine (Winter Aspect Exploring Multiple Themes)

Christmas in Black and White – Guiding Light Video

The Night Shift Before Christmas – Little Big Stuff

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