3 St. Patrick’s Day Music Lesson Ideas

January 21, 2021

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming soon. It’s not as celebrated as other holidays in the US, but it’s themes can still be used for a fun, new music lesson. We all need something new to help lift our spirits from the everyday, year in and year out music lessons. This picture will get us jump started on the whole “lifting our spirits” part. 

Dog wearing a St. Patrick's Day Hat

Now that we’ve used a dog picture to brighten your mood, let’s get down to the reason you’re here. I’ve gathered 3 St. Patrick’s Day music lesson ideas. My hope is that you can use at least one of these in a class in the next few days. 

1. Classical Method – You could simply play classic Irish folk and Irish jig songs. Coupling the songs with rhythm, beat, or melody activities you’ve used before is an easy switch. You could also print out 4-Leaf Clovers or Rainbows with Pots of Gold on cards with written instructions for the activity to provide a little bit of interest. You could also write possible beats the students can find in the songs on the cards.  

2. Movement – Mrs. Miracle’s Music Classroom alerted me to this activity. You play freeze dance to Irish music. The dancing and then quick freezing when the song stops is sure to be a fun part of their day and it gets their energy out quickly for elementary school students. She has many wonderful blogs on music lessons! 

3. Rhythm Writing – Denise Gagne has many ideas for St. Patrick’s Day themed music lessons. The one I liked the most was the Rhythm Writing activity. Students match sayings to the correct rhythms. The sayings are St. Patrick’s Day themed. She has worksheets and templates on her page. I’d encourage you to check them out. 

Let us know if these information-gathering blogs are helpful. We want to create blogs on information that is helpful for music teachers. Also, if you have any questions on the products we provide, feel free to contact us. 

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