3 Versatile Uses for Seated Choir and Band Risers

January 16, 2021

Seated Choir and Band Risers

We’ve found out through our customers that there are many different uses for Seated Choir and Band Risers. The title implies that it’s for choir and bands…and you’re right. That is the primary use! Community choirs use the various levels to ensure that the audience can see all the performers – for those important performances throughout the year. School bands use the extended levels to rehearse and perform their pieces while sitting in their orchestra chairs.

But now that we’ve gotten through the obvious uses, are there other uses we hadn’t thought of until now? Yes. 

Black Box Theater: is another way to use these risers. Think about the strategy behind placing risers at different levels and using it for your movable stage. It can become the base of your set, elevated by great set design. Add a staging backdrop and boom! – you’ve created your dramatic effect. 

Audience Seating: You know that the risers can help with band seating, but what if we reversed it? Have the audience sit on these upper deck risers. Especially if you are working with a new, bare space. Couple that with the vision of movable creative sets, and the audience seating could be figured out through the use of these seated risers. Everything could me movable, if you ever were to change the setup to an U, V, or O shape. Box in your peformance with these risers.

Orchestra Stage and Seating in the Round

[Photo by Rodrigo Ruiz on Unsplash]

(Don’t just think about band, choir, or theater – you could also use them for indoor sporting events!)

Student Events: If you work at a college or university and are part of the facilities or event staff, have you thought of seated risers for smaller events? Dance competitions, seminars, panels, or student events could use portable audience seating. It would only take one to two hours to setup, hopefully cutting down on setup for your facilities manager. This is especially helpful if you don’t have as many event spaces.  

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