7 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Seated Band Risers

January 16, 2021

Seated Band Risers

What are your options for Seated Choir and Band Risers?

Usually the seated choir and band risers are a 3 level system with non-slip deck surfaces to choose from. The decks are 4 feet deep, which allow you to have anywhere from 30 – 95 plus people performing. You can also have railings installed in the back of the third highest level, or you can setup acoustical shells behind the risers for better sound quality. There are interlocking systems underneath for easy configuration. Feel free to watch our video on setup if you need a visual. 

What are possible add-ons to complete your setup space?

If you’d like a complete setup, we’d encourage you to consider guardrailsseating, and band shells. The guardrails easily add to the risers without any tools required. The shells provide a great backdrop to your performance with the sound enhancing quality to make your performers clear to the audience. This also has a counter balanced system that requires little effort, making it easy to raise and lower for anyone. This will provide the complete look you see here:

Seated Risers and Band Shells

What are the best features of the Seated Risers?

The best features are the easy setup and safety. It takes no time to construct the Seated Band and Choir Risers. Your performers can help you do it before and after practices/performances in no time since the risers self-align fast. Since the stage platforms are solid and sturdy, like a permanent platform, you’ll find that your performers feel safe seated in their chairs. 

Are the stage decks reversible?

Save on your initial investment by using the decks interchangeably on other support systems to facilitate diverse performance requirements. Enjoy a performance free of undesirable resonance and the ”drumhead” effect of foot noise, both of which are absorbed by the honeycomb core. Reduce maintenance costs because two sides give you twice the wear life. Choose the performance surface that best suits the event with the optional PolyTrac on one side and carpet on the other side (standard deck has PolyTrac on both sides).

What are the construction components?

Understructures will, except on configuration’s left and right ends, have paired locator nodes to facilitate bridging decks between understructures. Steel tubes will be 14 gauge or heavier. An understructure will store in 8 to 10% of its overall depth. With decks installed, levels are at 8’’, 16’’, and 24’’ heights. MR-4 platforms are 48’’ deep; MR-3 platforms are 36’’ deep. All steel components are finished with a baked-on matte black paint. All pivot points are self-lubricating nylon bushings. Deck are a laminate composite of phenolic-treated cellulose honeycomb between 1⁄4’’ solid-core fir plywood.

What are the accessories for Seated Risers?

Hardclosures perform safely and they function as chairstops. You will perform on a riser that looks finished and professional, and improve sound reflection. Chairstops perform safely as well. They save time during setup as the steel bars lock into the deck edging without tools or loose parts. Guardrail prevents accidental tumbles with sturdy steel rails. They save time during setup as the rails attach securely to the deck without tools or loose parts.

Where can you purchase these risers?

To be honest, there’s a few companies out there selling these risers. We know you’ll do your research and see what there is to offer. We are one of those companies and we believe in our products. They are the safest versions of what you’ll research. We like working one-on-one with you by phone or email to provide the peace of mind that your product will arrive to you in a timely manner and be what you want. We can even help with sending over specs and configurations. Contact us and we’d be happy to help! 

Since you are a band room director, browse through our checklist below for other helpful tips. 

Download Band Room Checklist

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