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January 21, 2021

Portable Staging

An aspect of our products that are hidden underneath the individual product pages are the fact that they work together for a wider range of uses. You can have guardrails attached to seated risers. ADA ramps are attached to stages. Adjustable stairs can be added to risers to provide safety for audience seating. Here’s a complete list of all of our accessories/add-ons

We’ve realized that we have a significant amount of repeat customers that come back to us wanting additional products. They want to add an acoustical shell, adjustable stairs, or guardrails now that they’ve taken the time to realize the benefits of what they purchased. They bought the product for the sole purpose of rehearsals and performances. Later on, the administration, new staff members, or the creation of new events needed equipment too. This partnership to use the equipment for multiple uses by just adding one more piece of equipment instead of a whole new system, for a fraction of the cost is advantageous. 

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Getting the most out of your products is important as a buyer. In addition to better pricing, longevity is also a factor that ranks high on your list. The sturdiness and durability will mean that you make one purchase (fingers crossed) in your current role. Unless you’ve stayed at your job for 20+ years! 

Check out these different configurations we’ve put together for others.

1. Adjustable stairs and guardrails added to seated music risers for presenters’ seating at graduation.

2. Additional music shells as the programs expand.

3. ADA ramps added to portable stage risers for ADA accommodations.

4. Adding event stage risers for a wider range of height in performances/events. 

Sparked some ideas? Contact us and we can help make your ideas a reality. 

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