Add Accessories to Portable Staging

January 16, 2021

Portable Staging Accessories

Considering accessories for your portable staging? Look at our breakdown below of the possible add-ons/accessories. 

ADA Ramps

You can add an ADA Ramp to give all people, including disabled persons, access to all events. Ramps can be between 8” to 72” high, depending on the height of your portable staging. Make sure that you find ramps that are ADA approved – our ramps are to provide the safety and assistance you need. For instance, the incline of the assembled ramp shall not exceed 1″ per linear foot. The ramp will need to have a 6’x8′ landing switch back at every 24″ height. Our ADA ramps have a black safety tread quadruple surface as well with easy installation for the whole system.


Secure guardrails provide safety and assistance to the ADA ramps or adjustable stairs. Either way, walking on and off of your portable stages shouldn’t be a problem. It should be a given that your visitors and performers can rely on the equipment. A plus is that there are no added tools needed and/or they add quickly to your portable staging. Our guardrails are made of durable, tubular steel with each section 42″ high (lengths from 3 ft to 8 ft.

Portable Stairs

Portable stairs are a necessity if your portable staging equipment does not have safe access points at every level. They are very common for portable staging equipment add-ons. We would encourage you to find a standard tread surface with non-slip nosing for safety. Our portable stairs come in mill aluminum for that purpose. Again, safety and convenience are always great factors to consider. Our equipment firmly attaches to the edge of our honeycomb decks with no tools required to attach.

Stage Skirting

Our Portable Stage Skirting is made of 100% PolyTwill or Polyester Velvet. Skirting is non-combustible and available in several colors. Easy to attach the Skirting to the Stage Decks – just snap the clips into the edge of your decks to attach the skirting for a more finished look. Skirting can be fixed height and Velcro strips on the reverse side of the adjustable-height skirting allowing you to adjust the height to fit your stage. There are a range of options for a personalized look and the ability to hide production equipment underneath the portable stage.

Event Stage Risers

These provide extra height to your portable stage for those special events. We would encourage finding an easy setup stage riser to provide minimum effort to your setup time. Our stage risers simply unfold at one end of support, followed by rotating the retractable locator assembly to accept the deck corners, then set the decks in place. A necessary use for these event stage risers can be providing aisles under the stage to allow easy access for wiring and storage.

Conductor’s Podium

Conduct yourself in the most professional manner possible, with our versatile, heavy-duty Conductor’s Podium. The durable one piece construction includes a built-in guardrail and chair stop for safety. The platform is available in either 6″ fixed height or 6″-12″ adjustable height.It’s carpeted for a quiet performance. The frame, of course, allows for a portable music stand. The design tapers for more performing room in front and stores compactly for a smaller storage footprint. Integrated castors allow easy transportation from storage to practice to performance.  

Orchestra Seating

The ergonomic design and breathable mesh promotes better circulation which enables musicians to optimize their performance. The specially woven seat and back suspension material conforms to the musician’s body and keeps them cool at the same time. This innovative weave is self healing, standing up to rigorous classroom use. The FirstChair promotes proper seated posture, duplicating the benefits of standing by providing unrestricted diaphragm movement optimizing your musicians performance. The sloping seat pan rolls the hips open and allows musicians to put their feet on the floor. The ergonomic design and breathable mesh promotes better circulation providing unparalleled comfort for long durations.

Crowd Control Barricade

You’ll get superior crowd control with the utmost in safety and visibility. Tapered floors reduce tripping and rounded tops minimize injury. Walls are mesh for added visibility to the floor. Multiple barricades set up easily and lock together without the use of tools. Barricades fold up to a compact size for easy storage. For easy storage: Turn the barricade to a 30-degree angle and slide the two units together. No lifting, twisting, or tools are required.

If you would like to find out our costs and solutions for these accessories to portable staging, submit your information below. 

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