1. What are the Dimensions of Choir Risers?

    February 3, 2021

    Choir Risers You’re probably wondering what the dimensions of different choir risers are. After all, you need to make sure that your performers fit on the equipment as your number one priority. We agree that it’s the first step when purchasing a set. To help out, we have multiple kinds of choir risers, so let […]

  2. Light-Weight and Easy to Transport Choir Risers

    January 21, 2021

    Choir Risers For our seated riser configurations, we have Choir Risers that are 3 level or 4 level risers. We also have the Alla Breve Choral Riser that is a different version, with an added permanence to the riser – meaning it looks more professional and part of the space. Below are the features quickly defined for your benefit. […]

  3. Adaptable Staging Equipment

    Portable Staging An aspect of our products that are hidden underneath the individual product pages are the fact that they work together for a wider range of uses. You can have guardrails attached to seated risers. ADA ramps are attached to stages. Adjustable stairs can be added to risers to provide safety for audience seating. […]

  4. Benefits of Going to Music Class

    Music Class I was always a good student. I went to class and listened to the teacher. I even helped other students that needed help grasping the quadratic formula – math was my best subject. However, not all students have that same mindset. Most students want to know the why behind what they’re learning and […]

  5. Valentine’s Day Music Lesson Ideas

    Valentine’s Day For elementary school music and theater students, this day can be fun. They’re still exchanging Valentine’s Day cards and excited to pass them out. The boys think that girls have cooties or they have a “girlfriend” at school. The two dynamics are funny to watch in the classroom.  Even in the workplace, we’ve […]

  6. 3 Christmas Music Performance Ideas

    Christmas Music It’s about time to pick your Christmas Music Performance theme and setup for your production. We’re at the start of the holiday season as we fly past Halloween and move into Thanksgiving. You’re either in two camps right now. The planner who decided their Christmas show weeks ago. The last minute person who […]

  7. 9 Thanksgiving Music Lesson Ideas

    [Photo by Keilidh Ewan on Unsplash] Thanksgiving is around the corner. It’s that time of year again. It’s a favorite holiday for my family, so I’m looking forward to it. If you’re a music educator, you probably have a few, even three days off from school. Lucky you! But in the few weeks that you have leading up […]

  8. 4 Halloween Music Lesson Ideas

    Halloween  I remember my music classes in elementary school. We would walk to another part of the school where it was decorated with the most fun and interesting creative projects. It was one of my favorite parts of the day because we got to walk around the whole school to get to music class. Meaning […]

  9. Making a Difference in Small Spaces

    Small Spaces We find that a lot of people that come to us for solutions on staging equipment work in small spaces. What we mean by small spaces are that they’re music directors for a small – medium sized, specific group of people. They lead a choir, band, or other performance group. They may not […]

  10. End of Fiscal Year Plans

    Fundraising Like many organizations, we are wrapping up the end of the fiscal year. July 1st starts a new date with new budgets in place. However, you may find that you’re finding ways to use what’s left of your budget for fear that it will go away next fiscal year. Take a moment to get excited […]

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