Building an Event Space

January 21, 2021


We often have customers that will come to us, filling out one of our forms, that want different quotes. One for the dream project – if they could have everything on their wish list for their performances. Another one for what they believe they can afford – the bare minimum. For those bare minimum quotes, we often are asked to put together multiple quotes, adding one more set of equipment to see how far they can stretch their budget. 

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to keep on adding equipment as needed, but have the capacity to grow into equipment as our needs change. But since we often have to build our performance space, little by little, we have outlined a practical way to build your event space below. 

1. Forecast

It’s always good to have a plan. Go ahead and dream up what your ideal equipment would be. Think about growing into the equipment. If you currently have 30 people you need to accommodate, see how much accommodating 50 people would be. Include the type of riser you want (stage or band or choral riser), acoustic shells to provide a sound enclosure, and accessories like stairs or ADA ramps. We find it helpful to draw it out based on the dimensions of your space. 

2. Buy Product by Product

We can provide a quote for the complete set, your dream set up. We can also build out quotes, giving you a forecast for product by product costs. We’ve had customers buy their risers first, and then add shells 6 months later. This is a great strategy if fundraising is limited or you’re waiting on a grant application to come through or you can only buy one product each fiscal year. Fortunately, our products do connect, meaning we are able to provide more sets or add on to your existing risers/shells as you continue to grow through the years.  

Alla Breve Choral Riser
Acoustical Shell
3. Add Accessories

As guidelines change and safety precautions are updated, accessories are needed. We have multiple customers tell us about how their old risers, bought from another company, became unsafe from years of damage. It pushed them to ask for a quote from us. Accessories like Stairs, ADA Ramps, Conductor’s Podium, and Stage Skirting can help provide the safety you need and provide those extra features that pull the space together. 

Portable Stairs
ADA Ramp

Let us know how we can help. We are ready to provide you with a quote to help you start forecasting your dream set up for years to come or get you started on the must-have product you need this fall.

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