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January 16, 2021

Event Seating

Having trouble picking the right event seating for your portable staging setup? 

Have you been researching lots of sites trying to find the best equipment?

Use this list of aspects to consider and we promise it will make the decision easier. 


1. What’s the space like? 

Are you finding seating for a small theater in your school gynamisum or filling up a large space in your new acoustic auditorium? This will narrow down your search to find chairs that fit your needs. 

2. How many seats do you need?

If you need 300 or more seats, then you probably need to find a company that has a discount for buying in bulk. If you have less than 300 then going with a company that has more bells and whistles to their chairs might be a good route to go. It depends on what your audience will like as well. Check out our orchestra seating, First Chair TM. The ergonomic design and breathable mesh promotes better circulation which enables musicians to optimize their performance. The specially woven seat and back suspension material conforms to the musician’s body and keeps them cool at the same time. This innovative weave is self healing, standing up to rigorous classroom use.

3. Give enough time to test it out

Your audience may need seats that are comfortable for long periods of time. Most productions take longer than an hour. People also get up and move around during longer productions. What if the seats aren’t positioned in a way to create the best acoustics? Or maybe they’re too tall for people of various heights to see? Test out the chairs in different sections before going through with the seats. 

4. Ask Us

We have seats to choose from if you’re looking for seating for your next production. We work individually with you to provide the product that fits your need best. We aren’t a big corportation out to make the biggest profit. We want you to come to us because you trust that we will find the best staging for you. 

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