Customization for Seated Choir Risers

January 14, 2021

Seated Choir Risers

What are your options for Seated Choir and Band Risers?

Usually the seated choir and band risers are a 3 level system with non-slip deck surfaces to choose from. The decks are 4 feet deep, which allow you to have anywhere from 30 – 95 plus people performing. You can also have railings installed in the back of the third highest level, or you can setup acoustical shells behind the choir risers for better sound quality. There are interlocking systems underneath for easy configuration. Feel free to watch our video on setup if you need a visual.


Now you can have the typically setup of a curved of U-shaped configuration for these risers. Those setups are shown below:

Seated Choir Risers Configurations

  1. Various Tiered Configurations:

However, you can also customize the seated risers to meet your specific needs. One of our recent inquires wanted a two-tiered riser that was long, having 8 decks across for two levels. Typically the setup for the seated choir risers are to create more levels going up rather than across. However, if the stage can hold that amount of width in setup, we say go for it.

  1. Black Box Theater

In one of our other blog posts, we talked about another customization for these seated risers. Black Box Theater is another way to use these risers. Think about the strategy behind placing risers at different levels and using it for your movable stage. It can become the base of your set, elevated by great set design. Add a staging backdrop and boom! – you’ve created your dramatic effect.

  1. Add-ons to complete your setup space:

If you’d like a complete setup, we’d encourage you to consider guardrails, seating, and band shells. The guardrails easily add to the risers without any tools required. The shells provide a great backdrop to your performance with the sound enhancing quality to make your performers clear to the audience. This also has a counter balanced system that requires little effort, making it easy to raise and lower for anyone. This will provide a completed look/setup.

Whatever route you choose, customization or common setup for seated choir risers, contact us for a quote.

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