End of Fiscal Year Plans

January 21, 2021


Like many organizations, we are wrapping up the end of the fiscal year. July 1st starts a new date with new budgets in place. However, you may find that you’re finding ways to use what’s left of your budget for fear that it will go away next fiscal year. Take a moment to get excited about the new possibilities instead of the weighing pressure money can have. 

You have a few months to look at what is needed in your program and decide if you’re able to purchase. Here are some tips to get organized as you make those end of fiscal year plans.

1. Print out a calendar for the next two months. Begin writing down checkpoints that you need to hit. Start with “email the business office to find out my leftover budget line”.

2. Make sure to mark a deadline of when you need to buy. Too often we see people making last minute decisions. While this cannot be avoided sometimes, we encourage you to have these purchasing decision meetings now, so that you have the power to make the call early rather than later. This will ensure that your equipment arrives when you need it to. 

3. Gather information on what the dimensions, costs, and product advantages are. Even though you are making a last minute decision, your choice still needs to be right for you

4. Celebrate your accomplishments and develop new goals for the year ahead. I like making a workable list where I can erase what isn’t working/possible for the year, and put down a new goal that could be completed in a few months. (I always like checking things off a list, even if they’re small actions, to make me feel better.) 

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If you’re considering staging equipment and want to talk to us about dimensions, costs, and product advantages, fill out a form below. We’d like to provide you with the staging equipment you need and work within your timeframe to provide the equipment to your site. 

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