Fact Checking ADA Ramp Compliance

January 16, 2021

ADA Ramp

ADA Ramp compliance is important and necessary today. We need to be more proactive for people with disabilities, instead of being reactive when problems arise. 

Sign for handicapped people for better accessibility

[Photo by Yomex Owo on Unsplash]

At one of my previous jobs, we had many visitors and I was in charge of showing them around our organization. Unfortunately, our ADA approved access wasn’t as obvious for our older buildings. The entrance was usually from the side and only accessible by parking around the back. This can be confusing for first time visitors who park in front of buildings first. Signage should’ve been put up to help them realize where to park first before attending their event.  

We would try our best to communicate beforehand about the accessibility access, but it wasn’t always as proactive as we would’ve liked. These proactive measures should be a common occurrence.

I do understand that smaller, lower-budget organizations may not have as many dollars allocated to improving their facilities. However, looking at government grants could help. Here are some helpful sites for your research:

ADA Guidelines

Funding Assistance for Accommodations 

Government Resources for Disabled 

ADA Wheelchair Ramps

We do offer ADA ramps per the ADA guidelines for purchase. Our ADA Ramps have the 1:12 ramp slope ratio with one foot of wheelchair ramp for each inch of rise. We can help find a solution for your inch per foot wheelchair ramp to make sure they are compliant with accessibility laws.

We also offer multiple other add-ons to your portable staging equipment.  

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