Features and Benefits of Portable Staging

January 16, 2021


Portable Staging

Portable staging is the basis for your performances, rehearsals, and events. An important necessity to your equipment in all facets. When looking for staging equipment, consider the sizes, heights, fold and roll advantages, and the surface of the decks. 

It’s pretty straightforward for the size comparisons. Here are our fold and roll portable stage sizes below:

  • Available in 4′ x 8′ and 6′ x 8′ sizes
  • Available in fixed heights of 16”, 24” 32”
  • Available in dual heights of 16”-24”, 24”-32”, and 32”-40”

Options: Available with carpet on one side and either a slip-resistant black PolyTrac or TechStage (a black textured fiberglass sheeting) on the other side. Choose which best suits your event and essentially double the life of your stages. The model is a one sided fold & roll portable stage. 

Surface: Our surface decks are available in a variety of surfaces to meet the different requirements of your performance platforms. The four textured surfaces for the decks provide a versatile component to your performances. The twelve shades of commercial-grade polyolefin carpet make your decks personalized with the same safe surface for non-slip performances. Furthermore, anti-fray properties of carpet keeps your surfaces looking better for a longer period of time, preventing replacement further on down the road. 

Features and Benefits:

Multiple Configurations

• Arrange different layouts to suit various events.
• Minimize your initial investment and storage space requirements because there is no need to buy and store separate staging systems for several types of events.

One-Piece Support

• Save time and labor with fast, simple setup and storage.
• Minimize storage space requirements.
• Waste no time looking for tools or assembling loose parts.

Horizontal and Diagonal Bracing

• Enhance performances with stable platform (no swaying or creaking). • Feel like you are on a permanent platform.

Adjustable-Height Models

• Save time and reduce your initial investment by using the same supports at different heights for various applications (height adjusts in 2” increments).
• Create risers or flat staging with the same equipment.

Safety-Fold Support

• Avoid accidents: With the deck in place, the Z-leg cannot accidentally fold or collapse during use.

Tapered Locator Nodes

• Save setup time because decks align and secure quickly and without tools.

Screw-Feet Leveling

• (Z-800 only) Compensate for uneven floors with one inch of easy, fine- adjustment leveling.
• Protect floor surfaces with nylon pad on the base of each Screw Foot.

If you are ready to make an investment in this portable stage, we’d like to hear your request for sizes and options. 

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