From Portable Staging to Choir Risers – WE SET THE STAGE.

Designing and supplying world class theaters with portable staging, orchestra shells, choral risers, seating, flooring, lighting, rigging, and acoustical ceiling systems, McDonnell & Company sets the stage. We have shipped our products throughout the USA and have made over 1,000 shipments to more than 47 countries. We always work with our customers one-on-one to ensure you get the exact products you are looking for.  Our technical expertise includes the following industries:    

acoustic shells, Band SHells, music shells

Moveable, Storable, Collapsible

We carry band shells, music shells, sound shells, portable shells, and portable concert shells, portable acoustical shells, and more. The Alla Breve portable acoustical shells, in particular, meet all these requirements. Just one person can roll and set up this Alla Breve acoustical shells to enhance sound. The unit measures 6’3/8” wide x any height from 8′ 4″ to 13′ 4.5”. The shell measures 6′ 7.5″ tall in the storage position, allowing it to easily pass through doorways.
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Why Choose Us?

Founded 1979, McDonnell and Co. Int’l. Inc. (a woman-owned business) has been providing educational institutions, premier theaters, stadiums, churches, and entertainment facilities throughout the world with the highest quality sound, lighting, and acoustical systems, portable staging, choral, and choir risers for over 35 years. We have shipped our products throughout the USA and have made over 1,000 shipments to clients and projects in over 47 countries. We always work one-on-one with our clients to cater to their needs. Our company also takes great pride in providing design assistance to the designers and leading consultants on these projects to ensure the best solutions.  

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Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you and ensure you get the product you need. McDonnell & Company International Inc. 32W580 Army Trail Road P.O. Box 721 Wayne, IL 60184 Phone: 630-377-8200 Fax: 630-377-8224 Email: sales@mcdonnell-intl.com
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