Light-Weight and Easy to Transport Choir Risers

January 21, 2021
Fold and Roll Choir Riser

Choir Risers

For our seated riser configurations, we have Choir Risers that are 3 level or 4 level risers. We also have the Alla Breve Choral Riser that is a different version, with an added permanence to the riser – meaning it looks more professional and part of the space. Below are the features quickly defined for your benefit. We have compiled this information directly from the choir risers product manual. 


Light-weight Parts

  • Enhance your music on the road with the same sight lines and sound projection to which you are accustomed at home.
  • Save on your initial investment risers by using the same riser in the practice room, on stage, and on tour.
  • Save on labor – one person can quickly set up the riser without tools.
  • Save time finding a setup crew because nearly anyone can help – the heaviest piece weights only 33 pounds. The understructure has a convenient handle that allows you to carry it at your side with little effort.


  • Feel like you are on permanent platforms because tripodal understructures, interlocking sections and two-inch thick treads solidify the riser.

Honeycomb-core Treads

  • Handle the treads more easily because of their lighter weight (compared to solid-core tread of comparable strength).
  • Enjoy a performance free of undesirable resonance and the “drumhead” effect of foot noise.
  • Set up riser in either straight or curved configuration simply by turning treads around.
  • Choose from two performance surfaces to best suit your event: each tread has two surfaces, gray carpet on one side and black textured polypropylene on the other.

Safety Rails

  • Protect against accidental tumbles from back or sides.


  • Move three complete sections on one transport.

Save Storage Space

  • Three complete sections store in area 28″ x 73″. Set up your riser in almost any room because the transport fits through standard doorways.

We encourage you to compare all of our stage risers to find the best one for your needs, and then contact us for a pricing quote. 

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