Music Lessons in the New COVID School Year

January 21, 2021

Music Lessons

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Social media and Google Alerts has shown us many different ways music teachers are adapting during COVID. They have found creative ways to reach music to their students, even using platforms that have been around for a while, but have come to the forefront because of the need for an online, virtual space. We thought it would be helpful to share these resources in one space for all the music teachers out there!

Take a look at these platforms and creative ideas for teaching and experiencing music virtually:

  • Tonara Music App – Music teachers can create a profile, showcasing their style of teaching. Students from around the world can view their profiles and find the right music teacher that fits their needs. The students reach out asking about lessons and the music teachers can respond, help motivate their students, and encourage them to use the practice app. 
  • Smart Music – Online computer program that allows a student to plug in their musical instrument, record on their computer right into the program, and then send the sound clip to the instructor. Lafayette Music Co is using the computer program for their students this school year.   
  • Instrument Masks – Lafayette Music Co is also creating instrument masks, used to cover the bell of the instrument to reduce the spread of COVID. By covering the bell, it keeps germs from dispersing in a communal space. Either way their bands are planning to play together!
  • CMA Foundation – The foundation has created and posted online webinars to provide a resource for music teachers in a centralized location.
  • Newport Folk Festival – This annual festival is getting creative and streaming previously recorded performances online in video format or in audio format on their radio station (Newport Folk Revival Radio). 
  • Seesaw – Students can create a digital portfolio of their work and teachers can view, comment, and provide instruction. Parents can also view progress and interactions to know what’s happening with their students’ music lessons and how they are progressing. This is has been said to be the better option for the younger, elementary school students. 
  • Google Classroom – Another platform for students to upload their work so that their teachers can view it. It’s connected to other Google applications, so it connects across platforms. This platform has been said to be the better option for older, high school – college age students, who use Google applications regularly. 

If your school system is moving to a hybrid model or completely in-person and you are now in the market for choir risers or acoustic shells, let us prepare a quote for you.

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