Music Shells


The best music shells in the industry.

McDonnell & Company’s innovative music shells drastically improve the sound quality of musical performances. The cutting-edge technology and engineering used to craft these music shells makes them an essential asset for your performance space. Plus, the staff at McDonnell & Company will give you premium one-on-one support and setup advice to ensure that your staff understands how to utilize the music shells, guaranteeing the best performances possible.

Special Features

Our music shells fit in practically all performance spaces. Our product’s telescoping height adjustment feature lets you enjoy improved sound in any room at any height from 8’4″ to 13’4.5″ with our top-quality music shells. Reduce labor with this music shell, which measures 6′ 7.5″ tall in the storage position and will pass through standard doorways. Our music shells save time and space. It only takes one person to set up and take down our music shells. Our product features a counterweighted pulley system that allows the shell to glide into performance position with a minimal 15 lb. lift effort. Also, our music shells nest compactly in storage. For instance, Six nested music shells occupy less than 39 square feet. Our music shells roll easily and quickly. Save time as this music shell rolls easily to and from same-level storage area with twin casters. Only one person is needed to roll the music shell in its storage position. This saves labor and does not make set-up reliant on the custodial staff. If the music shell must be lifted, its 256 lb. weight can be more easily managed than the older styles weighing 375+ lb. Our music shells are designed to last. Durable, laminated music shell panels reflect a maximum range of audible frequencies. Panels are a 7/8″ thick laminate with a 3/4″ honeycomb core. The surface of our music shells is a warm beige plastic, and the steel frame adds strength and support. Plus, our impact-resistant ABS plastic skin on rigid panels reduces maintenance. Our music shells reflect the maximum range of audible frequencies. Improve sound for both performers and audience with better blend, mix, and projection. Performers can hear themselves better, improving intonation and tone, while the audience can enjoy the performance more clearly with improved acoustics.


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