Acoustical Shells

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Performance Advantages

  • Auditoriums, theaters, gymnasiums, and classrooms will benefit from our music shells, as the audience can hear a more pronounced tone and clarity at every performance.
  • Many rooms have poor acoustics that make it difficult for the individual performers to hear the ensemble. Adding shells allows the performers to clearly hear themselves.
  • Our music shells guarantee a noticeable improvement in sound quality.
  • All your performing groups can use our acoustical shells: band, orchestra, chamber groups, choirs, and chorus.


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Acoustical Shells

Construction Advantages

  • Easy to use, as no poles or tools are needed.
  • Just one person can roll the shells into location and raise the tower to the desired height between 8′ 4″ and 13′ 4.5″. 
  • Raising and lowering the tower requires only 15 lbs. of effort
  • Uses a counter balanced system, which makes raising and lowering the tower easy for anyone.
  • Panels are laminated with ABS plastic skin surfaces 7/8″ thick with a 3/4″ honeycomb core, which means they are lightweight and very rigid with a scratch resistant surface that cleans easily.
  • Highly reflective over a wide range of frequencies, which makes music easy to hear.
  • Easy to move on twin casters that are safe on stage surfaces, allowing shells to move in seconds.
  • Uses a nesting storage design, in which shells slide up against each other into a compact space and storage of shells is kept to a minimum.


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