Alla Breve Choral Riser

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Each riser measures 72” wide x  65 1/2” high (including back rail)

Has 3 treads at 8”, 16”, and 24” high

4th level is available upon request, with a height of 32”


Music Risers

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Locking Casters: Assure your risers stay securely in place, while the self-locking assembly makes setup quick and easy. The new treads on the Alla Breve Choir Risers have no sharp corners, and are substantially quieter, so distracting noises never become a part of your performance. Anti-fray carpet means your risers stay looking newer, longer.

Fold & Roll Frame: Save time—all parts are mounted to the frame (no tools, assembly or transport dollies are needed). Reduce labor costs by using just one person to set up the Alla Breve Choir Riser for your event. Use less effort as little weight is actually lifted during setup or tear-down. Free floor space for other events when the Riser is not in use. You’ll save setup time as well as reduce the risk of back strain as the new counterbalance reduces the lift effort by 35%.

Cantilever Folding Mechanism: Reduce the risk of back strain because the counterbalance aids in lifting. Save time and energy because tread stringer moves in one easy motion. Safely roll the Alla Breve Choir Riser to-and-from storage thanks to the low center of gravity.

Reversible Treads: Choose either straight or semicircular configuration for your performance. Save time—no tools required to release and reposition treads. Sound better during the performance—carpeting muffles distracting foot noise. Save money on maintenance and replacement because the plywood, framed with extruded aluminum, lasts longer than the pressboard used in old-style risers.

Tubular Steel Frame: Give your performance on an Alla Breve Choir Riser while you give performers a sense of safety and stability. Improve your performance by eliminating distracting creaks. Optional Fourth Level with no tools required.

Integrated Back Rail: Perform more safely, protecting against accidental tumbles.

Nylon Bushings: Metal-on-metal wear is eliminated, which saves you money by extending the time between replacement. Reduce maintenance costs, as the folding mechanism does not need adjustments. Reduce labor effort because nylon is self-lubricating, providing smooth operation.


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