Band Shells

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Just one person can roll the shells into location and raise the tower to the desired height between 8′ 4″ and 13′ 4.5″.

Panels are laminated with ABS plastic skin surfaces 7/8″ thick with a 3/4″ honeycomb core, making them lightweight and very rigid with a scratch resistant surface that cleans easily.

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Band Shells

Construction Advantages

  • Easy to use, as no poles or tools are needed.
  • Raising and lowering the tower requires only 15 lbs. of effort
  • Uses a counter balanced system, which makes raising and lowering the tower easy for anyone.
  • Highly reflective over a wide range of frequencies, which makes music easy to hear.
  • Easy to move on twin casters that are safe on stage surfaces, allowing shells to move in seconds.
  • Uses a nesting storage design, in which shells slide up against each other into a compact space and storage of shells is kept to a minimum.
  • Auditoriums, theaters, gymnasiums, and classrooms will benefit from our music shells, as the audience can hear a more pronounced tone and clarity at every performance.
  • Many rooms have poor acoustics that make it difficult for the individual performers to hear the ensemble. Adding shells allows the performers to clearly hear themselves.
  • Our music shells guarantee a noticeable improvement in sound quality.
  • All your performing groups can use our acoustical shells: band, orchestra, chamber groups, choirs, and chorus.

7 reviews for Band Shells

  1. Julian

    We are very pleased with the product, and I highly recommend the band shells. We did not need to use microphones for the performance. The sound throughout the gym was so much better than ever before. The units are so easy to move that I was able to have 8th Grade students help me do all the set-up.

  2. Joel Hagen

    Our maintenance staff and students appreciate the ease of use and flexibility of the modules. They add a lot more height that helps encompass our sound. With our previous shells, our taller students were nearly hitting their heads.

  3. Ted Wuth

    They look great and were easy to set up for our concert. The replacement strut works great and was easy to install. Thanks for your helpfulness.

  4. Sandy McCoy

    We were able to use the shells at our concert – everyone could hear the music …it was GREAT!

    Lancaster High School

  5. Darel M

    McDonnell had the best price on the shells. The service was prompt, thorough, and friendly. Great product too!

  6. Rick J

    We have been using these Shells for over 1 year and find the improvement in music quality to be tremendous! We thank McDonnell for their support on this project!

  7. Robert

    This product is simply the best portable acoustic shell available. Additionally, the team at McDonnell were exceptional in their recommendations and input for our order.

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