Orchestra Seating

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Construction Advantages:

  • The new FirstChair™ redefines the music posture chair. The ergonomic design and breathable mesh promotes better circulation which enables musicians to optimize their performance. The specially woven seat and back suspension material conforms to the musician’s body and keeps them cool at the same time. This innovative weave is self healing, standing up to rigorous classroom use.
  • With its contemporary, lyrical design and revolutionary materials, the FirstChair is quickly becoming the leader in its class.
  • Like traditional posture chairs, the FirstChair promotes proper seated posture, duplicating the benefits of standing by providing unrestricted diaphragm movement optimizing your musicians performance.
  • The sloping seat pan rolls the hips open and allows musicians to put their feet on the floor.
  • Unlike traditional performance chairs, the revolutionary FirstChair’s ergonomic design and breathable mesh promotes better circulation providing unparralled comfort for long durations.


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