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Sizes can range from (6′ x 6′) (4′ x 8′) and (40′ x 40′) or larger

Available in fixed heights of 8″, 12″, 16″, 24″ and 32″

Available in adjustable heights of (12-16″) (16-24″) and (24-32″)

Accommodates portable decks measuring (4’x8′) (4’x6′) (4’x4′) (3’x8′) (3’x6′) and (2’x8′)




Portable Staging

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Construction Advantages
  • These risers can be set up in a short time with as few as two people
  • Provides award winning staging
  • Store compactly
  • Meets nearly any need for a professional staging
  • Has Dual Sided Decks with Black PolyTrac on one side and a choice of Commercial Grade Carpet on the reverse side
  • Decks are double the normal shelf life and can be used for a variety of activities
  • Arrange multipurpose staging in a configuration to suit nearly any event (Z-800)
  • One piece Z-Shaped Support System makes set up fast and easy for risers
  • Horizontal bracing reduces creak and sway.

4 reviews for Portable Stages

  1. Bob Cave

    We set up our Seated Choral Risers in no time…and everyone feels like they are performing on a world class stage!

  2. Angie Carr Robinett

    We love our stage from McDonnell and company! Our old stage was small, used and unattractive. We had to rent a stage each time we wanted a professional look. McDonnell and company stage was who we chose, after much research, because of the versatility to have black poly trac on one side and gray commercial carpet on the opposite side. Furthermore , the draping adds the professionalism for which we were looking and the ability to have either have 16 inches or 24 inches is ideal. In the long run we will save a significant amount of money because we no longer need to rent a stage because we own the top of the line!

    Angie Carr Robinett, Director of Student Life at Rockhurst University, Kansas City

  3. Ann Bouchard

    These portable Choir Risers are perfect! We can set up the stage in minutes – and only 2 people can do it. The risers are quiet and sturdy – no sway. Our Church Choir and Ensemble love using these Risers.

  4. Roger Charles

    We started using these Risers the day we received them and use them every day…great product …and McDonnell helped us choose the best equipment for our needs.

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