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Construction Advantages

  • They are ready to go, setup in seconds
  • Each ME-3750 Rolling Stages unfolds to support three 4′ x 8′ Decks (creating a 12′ x 8′ platform)
  • Supports the end or corner of up to 12 more bridging decks
  • Decks store on the rolling stages for fastest assembly time
  • Storage is easy and compact
  • Adjustable Stage Heights – 36”-56” & 48”-78″


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Rolling Stage: Save time when re-positioning a stage that is already setup. Save on labor costs by rolling the support and Decks to-and-from storage.

Fold & Roll Support: Operate safely as the folded-up support has a low center of gravity, increasing the operator’s field of vision and reducing risk of tip-over. Reduce time and effort during setup (the support rolls open on its own casters with no lifting). Eliminate time spent assembling components or using tools. Perform on a stable, wobble-free platform.

Storage Options: Choose very compact storage (without Decks) or easily accessible storage (with Decks).

Decks Bridge Between Support Assemblies: Save setup and tear-down time because you use fewer supports (Decks bridge both front-to-back and side-to-side). Greatly reduce leveling time because fewer elements contact the floor. Minimize your initial investment and storage space requirements because you use fewer supports.

Retractable Locator Assembly: Save setup time by connecting from one to four Deck corners at a single support column (no matter what the stage configuration). Save setup time because the Decks automatically align and the stage sections automatically connect as the Decks fasten on the conical locator nodes.

Aluminum Columns: Handle the lighter support system more easily than a steel system. Reduce maintenance costs as the tough, aircraft-alloy composition and the scratch-resistant, baked-on finish resist damage.

Adjustable Screw Feet: Compensate for uneven floors with five inches of easy, fine-adjustment leveling. Save maintenance costs because tough, 3/4″ Acme-thread screw resists damage.

Quick-set Height Selector: Select stage heights in 2″ increments and reference nominal heights quickly on inner legs. Ensure maximum security as large, 5/8″ diameter height pin goes through all four leg walls.

Nylon Bushings: Prolong the life of the support by eliminating metal-on-metal wear. Facilitate smooth, easy setup and tear-down because nylon is self-lubricating.

1 review for Rolling Stages – Portable Staging

  1. Angie Carr Robinett

    We love our stage from McDonnell and company! Our old stage was small, used and unattractive. We had to rent a stage each time we wanted a professional look. McDonnell and company stage was who we chose, after much research, because of the versatility to have black poly trac on one side and gray commercial carpet on the opposite side. Furthermore , the draping adds the professionalism for which we were looking and the ability to have either have 16 inches or 24 inches is ideal. In the long run we will save a significant amount of money because we no longer need to rent a stage because we own the top of the line!
    Angie Carr Robinett, Director of Student Life at Rockhurst University, Kansas City

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