Review of Acoustic Shells in California

January 16, 2021

Acoustic Shells

Terra Bella Union Elementary School District had great things to say about the acoustic shells they recently purchased from us. The first time they were able to use them were for Christmas Concerts last year. Ted Wuth, Band Director, responded with these comments below. 


1. How are the acoustic shells working currently? The shells arrived today (December 2019). They look great and were easy to set up for our concert on Thursday. There was one small glitch, and one of the gas struts was broken. Once we sent over a replacement strut, this was his comment below. The replacement strut works great and was easy to install. Thanks for your helpfulness.  


2. How often are you using them? We used the shells for Christmas and also in preparation for Festival.

Check Out The Photo Below: 

Carl Smith Middle School Acoustic Shells

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