Review of Acoustic Shells in Oklahoma

January 16, 2021

Acoustic Shells

Hennessey Public Schools had great things to say about the acoustic shells they recently purchased from us. Beth Berkenbile, Director of Vocal Music, responded with these comments below. 


1. How is the staging equipment working currently? It works wonderfully. We love the risers and sound shells so much we ordered more since we have grown.


2. How often are you using them? Changes with the season but at least 10 to 15 times during the school year. They stay on stage in the auditorium. 


3. What added benefits do they provide for your performances/rehearsals/events? One of the main features I like is the ability to set them up alone if I need to. The sound shells work just they are supposed to enabling audience members to hear with and without amplification.  

Check Out Their Photos Below: 

Hennessey Public Schools Acoustical Shells
Hennessey Public Schools Acoustical Shells Beth Berkenbile

If you are interested in your own set of acoustic shells, contact us for a quote. We can provide you one in 24 hours.

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