Review of Choir Risers in Georgia

January 16, 2021

Choir Risers

Westside Elementary, part of Whitfield County Schools, in Rocky Face, GA had great things to say about the choir risers they recently purchased from us. The first time they were able to use the 6 choir risers were this past school year, before COVID-19. Amy Crawford, Music Specialist, responded with these comments below.  


1. How are the choir risers working currently? We are not able to store the risers in the location we use them for the performances, so I am very pleased about their ease of mobility and how lightweight they are when moving.  


2. How often are you using them? I was able to use the risers for all three of my performances this past school year. 

Check Out The Photos Below: 

Choir Risers Elementary School
Choir Risers Elementary School

If you’d like to purchase choir risers, contact us! We can provide a quote for the number of choir risers you need quickly. 

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