Review of Conductor’s Podium in Florida

January 16, 2021

Conductor’s Podium

Larry Geiger had great things to say about the conductor’s podium he recently purchased from us for his church in Florida. It was a welcome step up for the choir director that made it there just in time for their Christmas Cantata.  


How is the staging equipment working currently?  The podium worked very well for our Christmas cantata. Our choir director was using a piece of furniture – I think a coffee table. I purchased the podium for our programs. Only issue is that it’s a little bit heavy, but is fairly moveable with a hand truck. The built in wheels only go in one direction, but I suppose that it was designed to be moved back and forth across a stage. It doesn’t work quite as well for the center aisle. The ability to have two heights is nice and our choir director likes the fold up rail. She hasn’t had a rail in the past. This leads to the other side of the weight thing being very solid, meaning bumping into the rail does not feel like it’s going to tip over. The way that it folds up makes fairly easy to store. It can be rolled into a slot and kept there until use. Once moved it is easy to set up. The legs fold right out while the rail folds up and locks effectively. 


How often are you using them?  We use them several times a year – Christmas, Easter and other events.


What added benefits do they provide for your performances/rehearsals/events? The carpet provides substantial footing, quietness and safety. The orchestra and the choir can now see the director plainly. Though not light weight, it is portable and can be used in one of several rooms about the church facility. The gray color and the dark rail fit in fine and I think the colors would work in most environments. Setup Pictures: 

Conductor's Podium from Orchestra View
Conductor's Podium from Audience View
Conductors Podium Isle View at a Church

 Accessories like the conductor’s podium can be found on our event seating product pages. If you’d like to learn more information, including the dimensions of the podium, price, and shipping charges – contact us.  

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