Review of Portable Choir Risers in Virginia

January 16, 2021

Portable Choir Risers

Every company promises wonderful goods and services. Do they match up? We think that our products do match up. We also pride ourselves on being personable, making sure that you have the best experience. You’ll be working with actually people that are knowledgeable about the products we offer. We care about your school, church, university, or organization because we truly believe our products will help you get to the next level.

We asked one of our recent clients to answer some questions about us. Jack Walton, Director of Music, at St. David’s Episcopal Church and School in Ashburn, VA was that very client. Here are some of the highlights of my interview with him:

  • He Couldn’t Believe the Price-Point at First
  • Morgan McDonnell [Owner of McDonnell and Company International] Answered Each Question with Clarity and Confidence
  • We Can Hear the Choir Now!


Check out my full interview with him here:


How are you enjoying the risers? 

Jack: We are enjoying the new risers immensely. Previously, we had a makeshift arrangement that did not position the choir well so we could hear them during the services. Our new risers are a great addition and it only took the church 25 years to figure it out!  


Are the new risers meeting your needs? 

Jack: Assembly requires no tools, with as few as 3 people needed to assemble them quickly. We are now able to position the choir appropriately. We are now taking advantage of our acoustically live sanctuary, and for the first time in a long while. we can hear each other as singers. The risers are a manufacturing marvel. 


How did we assist in solving your problems? 

Jack: Our early discussion [with Morgan McDonnell] were full of the typical questions about size, set-up, and add-ons as necessary. Now we are closer to filling up the current configuration! Morgan was exceedingly helpful in the process and answered each question with clarity and confidence. 


How have the risers made an impact on your choir and congregation? 

Jack: The new risers have impacted the congregation more than the singers, if that’s even possible. The congregation regularly comments on how good the choir sounds. They can hear the anthems so much better with the new set-up. We are hoping to solve all of our problems with the purchase of acoustical shells so that the sound projects even better than it does now. 

What are the most important things you looked for when seeking out new risers? 

Jack: I started at Wenger Corportation, but they were way too pricey for our pocketbook. I then discovered McDonnell-International Risers and could not believe the price point at first. I was looking for new risers that met the following criteria: affordable, attractive, sturdy, good price, ease to assemble, and portable for concerts.  


Would you recommend us to someone else? 

Jack: I would be happy to recommend these risers to anyone! They are beautifully constructed and quite easy to assemble with concise, clear instructions. If you still can’t figure it out – call Morgan and he is willing to chat with you to help you overcome whatever obstacle you have. As a current owner/user of McDonnell Risers, I would be happy to speak with you personally about how well the risers are working for us and my experience. Check out or contact Jack Walton’s church on facebook.

We specialize in working wtih small churches, music programs, and organizations to give you the best equipment for your price zone. We love working one on one with people! 

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