Show Choir Risers: Safety for your Performers

January 16, 2021

Show Choir Risers

Show Choir Risers are pretty straight-forward when giving you a back drop to those performances you’ve imagined in your head. However, if it’s your first time looking into this equipment it can be daunting. Let’s breakdown the necessities when researching show choir risers.

Show Choir Risers

Those performers look great, don’t they? You want your performers to be out there having fun and only worrying about their pitch and jazz hands. If you look past them to the equipment, you’ll find clean and durable show choir risers. 

These show choir risers provide the backdrop that pushes your performers forward. That’s why we make sure that our decks are sturdy with a non-slip surface. You don’t want injuries or mishaps during a rehearsal or performance. Also, look for risers that have automatic aligning maneuvers with little to no tools. This will save on time and effort. Our show choir risers can be set up in a short amount of time with just two people. 

They are also able to be stored in a compact space to decrease on clutter and increase organization. The show choir risers provide award winning staging, so it’s the last thing you have to think about. Movable risers enhance sound projection and sight lines for show choir performances and practices.

You can always add-on adjustable stairs for those special performances that need height. However, we would highly encourage the guardrails and ADA ramp as a necessity in order to be accessible and safe for everyone for years to come. 

Features and Benefits:

One-piece, Three-level Understructure: Save time compared to unfolding or attaching 18 separate legs (the number of legs on old-style risers). Save setup time because the three levels are pre-aligned and connected. Perform with confidence on a stable, wobble-free platform as compared to performing on old-style risers that come in three separate sections and have folding or plug- in legs.

Light-weight, Reversible decks: Use less effort because you lift less weight, handling decks separately from the understructure. Save on your initial investment by using the decks interchangeably on other support systems to facilitate diverse performance requirements. Enjoy a performance free of undesirable resonance and the ”drumhead” effect of foot noise, both of which are absorbed by the honeycomb core. Reduce maintenance costs because two sides give you twice the wear life. Choose the performance surface that best suits the event with the optional PolyTrac on one side and carpet on the other side (standard deck has PolyTrac on both sides).

Decks Bridge Between Understructures: Reduce setup time because decks automatically align and lock together side-to-side and front-to-back on locator nodes. Save time during setup because no separate clips, clamps or tools are required to lock units together. Minimize initial investment because fewer understructures are required. Utilize convenient, unobstructed storage space beneath the riser.

Accessories: Hardclosures perform safely and they function as chairstops. You will perform on a riser that looks finished and professional, and improve sound reflection. Chairstops perform safely as well. They save time during setup as the steel bars lock into the deck edging without tools or loose parts. Guardrail prevents accidental tumbles with sturdy steel rails. They save time during setup as the rails attach securely to the deck without tools or loose parts.

If you want the complete package, make sure to factor all of that in when researching equipment. We’d love to start you off with a quote on what the complete package, or a few levels of show choir risers would be for you. 

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