All Purpose Stage Deck
Get superb rigidity and sound absorption from this lightweight stage deck.

Features & Benefits

Made of high-strength outer layers bonded to a honeycomb core, the stage Decks are so rigid that performers think they’re on a permanent floor. And they’re remarkably quiet, too. The honeycomb core absorbs resonance to reduce the “drumhead” effect that can detract from a performance. Lightweight construction means added safety for your crews. The stage decks are reversible, giving you a choice for each event and doubling their wear life. And the decks are interchangeable on various StageRight support systems, allowing you to stage nearly any type of indoor event.

Rigid, Durable Construction: Feel like you are performing on a permanent platform. Save setup time by “bridging” or suspending Decks between understructures. Save on your initial investment because you can interchange the same decks on various support systems to best suit the event.

Honeycomb Core: Handle decks more easily thanks to their lighter weight (compared to a solid-core platform of comparable strength). Enjoy a performance free of undesirable resonance and the “drum-head” of foot noise.

Reversible: Choose from two performance surfaces to best suit your event. Reduce maintenance costs by effectively doubling the wear life of the deck. Save on your initial investment, compared to purchasing and storing separate systems.

Aluminum Edging: Save time by quickly attaching accessories such as skirting, chairstops and hardclosure panels. Reduce maintenance costs as the tough, aircraft-alloy composition and anodized finish resist damage. Enjoy the clean, attractive appearance.

Molded Corners: Maintain Stage Decks in top condition thanks to impact resistance of injection-molded polycarbonate. Operate safely as smooth corners eliminate sharp metal edges. Save setup time because the decks align themselves as they fasten on the conical locator nodes of the support system.

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