Top 10 Ways Schools Should Fundraise

January 16, 2021


Stuck on how to fundraise? Crowd-funding is the new way to raise money for your cause. But, what if you involved more community members and did some events to fundraise? In my opinion, that’s the best way to provide financial support and have others invested in your school cause.


We put together the top 10 things we thought were the most interesting and innovative ways to fund raise money for your cause. Being somewhat unique and new seems to bring in the most fundraising these days. Here are the top 10 results we pulled together from researching this topic.

“10. Be Helpful: How many of your neighbours have dogs? Ask them if they would be willing to help your cause in exchange for your walking their dog for two weeks. No dogs? Try offering to water their garden when they go on holiday.

9. Talent Show: Showcase the talent of your students and faculty by hosting a talent show. Encourage individual or team participation, and sell tickets for family and friends to watch.

8. Be Creative: For those talented artists, design a Christmas card or other craft that is easy to make lots of, and sell them to your family and friends.

7. Quiz Night: Divide participants into teams (or ask them to sign up as teams). Prepare a list of questions based on a particular theme and have a volunteer “Quiz master” who can ask the questions. Sell tickets to participate and offer a prize for the winning team.

6. Pancake Breakfast: Sell tickets for a delicious breakfast hosted in the school gym one morning before school starts. Offer food and refreshments for a set price.

5. Fun Run: Organize a Fun Run or Fun Walk that the students can participate in. Encourage them to raise pledges from their families or ask for a specific donation amount (i.e. $1). Make it a fun event with music, snacks, and high energy.

4. Come Dancing: Organize a school dance with a musical theme and charge an entrance fee.

3. Get Cultural: Get together with friends and hold a recital for your family and neighbours. You could sing songs, play an instrument, recite poems or tell jokes. You could also showcase the many delicious foods and unique talents of your students by hosting an event where students are encouraged to share their cultural traditions with one another. Charge an entrance fee. 

2. Teacher Charity Game/Concert: Generate excitement among the students about attending a special sports game that has teams made up of their teachers! Or a charity concert to watch the teachers perform songs. Sell tickets, have a concession stand, invite well-known performers to join them or have community sponsors. 

1. Principal Challenge: See if your principal or a favorite teacher will agree to do something drastic – for example, shave his or her head – if you reach your fundraising goals.”

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