Valentine’s Day Music Lesson Ideas

January 21, 2021

Valentine’s Day

For elementary school music and theater students, this day can be fun. They’re still exchanging Valentine’s Day cards and excited to pass them out. The boys think that girls have cooties or they have a “girlfriend” at school. The two dynamics are funny to watch in the classroom. 

Even in the workplace, we’ve had meetings on Valentine’s Day and they air on the side of puppy love through pets that people adore, or red/pink themed decor to keep it appropriate but yet fun. While it is fun, I miss those classroom V-Day activities. Though I’m not a music teacher, I found 4 Valentine’s Day Music Class lessons that I think would be fun to help expand your lesson plan picks.  

Cut out hearts in red, pink, and white for Valentine's Day

1. Rhythm Boxes – Kodaly Inspired Classroom

Find boxes and decorate them in V-Day decor. Make various rhythm sets using musical notes on heart shaped paper. Each group has one of the boxes with rhythm hearts in them. Students take turns finding the rhythm pattern that the teacher claps, then put the heart with the corresponding rhythm in their box.

2. Jelly Hearts – Compose Create

Students have around 10 jelly hearts and 10 sets of straws that you have cut beforehand. Make 5 straight and 5 bent. Each student gets 3-4 uncut straws for the bar lines and a few very small straw segments. Ask them to insert half of their straight straws into the jelly hearts to make quarter notes and then the other half into the jelly hearts to make eighth notes. Ask the students to write the rhythm they hear once you play a song. If you’d like to dictate more measure rhythms, like quarter notes and eighths, that will add to the lesson. 

3. Love Somebody – Mrs. Miracle’s Music RoomThe song is at the link above. “To play the game, choose one child to be “it,” and have them sit in front of the class. Have that child choose a friend in the class they love as a friend. Then, we sing the song, and the child who is “it” gets to choose a child to guess who he/she is thinking of. After three incorrect guesses, we sing the song again; I do this a total of three times (or nine guesses) before the child who is “it” tells us who they he/she is thinking of. If someone does guess correctly, the child who guessed correctly comes up  and gets to be it.” – Mrs. Miracle 

4. Making Music with Manipulatives – Yellow Brick Road Buy V-Day themed hearts and write notes on the back of them. Put the hearts into a small cup. Students shake the cup and pour out the hearts. Students arrange the hearts in a line and then speak the rhythms. Jennifer, the author of Yellow Brick Road has another layer to the game. “If they speak the rhythm correctly, they can rearrange their hearts and speak another rhythm for an extra point. Students could do this as partners taking turns or in a small group of three or four.” 

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