What are the Dimensions of ADA Access Ramps?

January 15, 2021

ADA Access Ramp

An ADA Ramp gives disabled persons access to all events with our portable ramps. It’s a great and necessary feature. They are ADA-approved which means you won’t have to worry about compliance issues.
You’re probably wondering what the dimensions of ADA ramps are available for the size of your stage. Design layout is also another factor that some organizations have not considered before. Participants feeling comfortable and safe is your first concern, with proper stage setup as your close second. To help out, we have our ADA ramp below with information to help break down the dimensions and layouts.

ADA Ramp

Recent Project – Barber National Institute in Erie, PA

Specifications of Our ADA Ramps:

Ramps are available from 8” to 72” high.
The incline of the assembled ramp does not exceed 1″ per linear foot.
The ramp has a 6’x8′ landing/switch back at every 24″ height.
The decks on our ramp systems are reversible with a black safety tread quadruple surface.
The system is easy to install with no single component weighing more than 100 pounds.
Easy to set up and offer versatile configuration options.
Secure guardrails provide safety and assistance.

Layouts of our ADA Ramps:

Straight – This is the design in the picture above. It’s the typical design layout you envision when you think of an ADA ramp. It’s a simple design that is a great pick if you have a wide stage arena.
Switchback – This design is helpful when you have a tighter space to fit the ADA ramp or need a more comprehensive layout so that various parts to your production won’t be hindered by the ADA ramp. It’s a win-win for many moving parts. Below are examples of layouts.

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If you’d like your own custom quote with pricing included for one of the ADA ramp layouts listed above, let us know.

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