What are the Dimensions of Band Risers and Band Shells?

January 15, 2021

Band Risers and Band Shells

You’re probably wondering what the dimensions of band risers and band shells are. After all, you need to make sure that your performers fit on the equipment as your number one priority, with the stage setup as your close second. We agree that it’s the first step when purchasing a set. To help out, we have our seated band risers and band shells to help break down the dimensions.  

Seated Band Risers
seated choral riser finished
  • Available in three levels at 3 foot deep for each tread/step/platform.
  • Each tread/step/platform are 36’’ deep.
  • Heights are 8”, 16” and 24” high (custom sizes available upon request).
  • Units hold 30 to 95+ people.

For more specifications, click here

Band Shells
Seated Risers and Band Shells
  • Each shell is 6 ft wide.
  • The tower height ranges from 8′ 4″ to 13′ 4.5″.
  • The band shell panels are laminated with ABS plastic skin surfaces that are 7/8″ thick with a 3/4″ honeycomb core, making them lightweight and very rigid with ascratch resistant surface that cleans easily.

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If you’d like your own custom quote with pricing included for one of the risers listed above, let us know. 

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