What are the Dimensions of Show Choir Risers?

January 15, 2021

Show Choir Risers

You’re probably wondering what the dimensions of show choir risers are available for the size of your show choir. Your performers fitting on the equipment is your number one priority, with proper stage setup as your close second. To help out, we have our show choir risers below with information to help break down the dimensions.  

Show Choir Risers

Aurora High School Show Choir Risers

Recent Project – Aurora High School Show Choir Risers

Specifications of Our Show Choir Risers:

  1. Available in 3 Levels at 3 Foot Deep
  2. Heights of the 3 Levels are 8 inches, 16 inches, and 24 inches (Custom Sizes Available)
  3. Dimensions Based on Size of Show Choir (length x width):
    • Holds 30 People: 21ft 1’’ x 10ft 9’’ 
    • Holds 50 People: 32ft 9’’ x 13ft 3’’ 
    • Holds 65 People: 42ft 3’’ x 16ft 11’’ 
    • Holds 85 People: 58ft 11’’ x 10ft
    • Holds 95 People: 45ft 10’’ x 18ft 11’’ 
  4. One-piece understructures automatically align and interconnect three levels from front to back
  5. Decks bridge between the understructures to interlock sections from left to right
  6. Portable Stage Platforms are solid and sturdy like a permanent platform
  7. Designed for proper sound projection and excellent sight lines


Advantages of Our Show Choir Risers:

  1. Sturdy and highly portable Show Choir Risers allow your performers to feel safe.
  2. Risers can be set up in a short time with as few as two people leaving you more time in your day.
  3. Provides award winning staging for all of your performers making them more polished.
  4. Stores compactly allowing you to save space.

Download Show Choir Risers Guide

If you’d like your own custom quote with pricing included for one of the risers listed above, let us know. 

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